Can My Teeth Be Brought Forward Using Implants

Hello Doctor Safeer Butt, I had 4 teeth extracted and my front teeth pushed back when I was younger to correct an overbite that I had. However, unfortunately, ,my teeth have been pushed too far back in my mouth and now they are hardly visible when I smile. In addition to this, the position of my teeth has made my profile not the best looking as it makes my chin way more prominent. Its really upsetting and effecting my self confidence. My question is,  is it possible to reverse this and bring the teeth forward using implants and pushing the teeth back forward. I have been to visit my orthodontis about bringing the teeth forward about10 years ago who just said it was not possible to move the teeth back.

Thank you

In short,
It is possible within reason using orthodontics but using implants to do this is not a good idea. I hope this helps, many thanks, Safeer Butt
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