Can My Protruding Teeth be Treated Without Braces?

Hello. I am a 20 year old girl. My front top four teeth face outward and slanted. They are bigger than usual teeth and also have no gap between them. I cannot close my mouth completely when I smile. My pictures do not look good because of this. Is there any dental procedure to make them right so that my front teeth can face inward and I can smile properly? It should be without the involvement of braces and less expensive. If so then please answer my question. Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your question. The least destructive and safest way to treat you will probably involve orthodontics. I cannot truly say without seeing your situation but I am guessing from your description that your treatment should ideally involve the removal of two teeth and retraction back of your front teeth that stick out. If this is indeed your situation then any other option e.g. involving veneers or crowns may well be too risky for the health of the nerves of your teeth, or could involve electively doing root canal therapy on them (which is not a good idea as it carries long term risks of tooth loss).  I would see an orthodontist first for advice. Regards, Mark.
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