Can My Old, Heavy Veneers Be Replaced?

I have veeners which are years old and I feel that they are too heavy. There are 6 in total can they be replaced and how much would this cost, my hygeine is not good because the veeners are so close together can they be taken off then hygeine work done for a bit before others put back on? (mouth is in a bad way) I would be grateful for advice here I hate my teeth can you give me some advice because there are so many denists out there
Great questions thank you. It is possible to remove the old veneers, then place some very good and very well fitting provisional or temporary veneers whilst you are having the treatment to improve the gum health. Then the final ones can be placed once the gums are in excellent condition.

Costs vary of course depending on quality and the complexities and challenges of your case, as well as the level of excellence you wish to achieve, but for excellent treatment you are looking at anywhere from £695 to over £1000 per veneer

Best wishes.

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