Can my growing wisdom teeth cause my already protruding incisor to look even worse?

Hi Dr Moore. My problem is that my lateral incisor sticks out as there isn’t enough space between my canine and front incisor so it sits on top of both with a small gap behind about 1/2 cm. I could be wrong but the canine appears to be larger then the other side and is square in shape and is wider at the bottom. My top wisdom teeth have been coming up really slowly for about 2 years no and I am worried that they may push my teeth further making it worse. Can this happen? I am already very paranoid about it…also I am a bit apprehensive about braces so would appreciate any ideas on other solutions. Any advice would be great, thank you. 
Hi there. I would guess braces would be the best option, invisible braces such as Invisalign work really well so they are worth looking into. Any other treatment might involve drilling down healthy teeth. I hope this helps and good luck with treatment. 
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