Can my dentures be made whiter to match remaining teeth?

HI, I used to have partial denture to my upper jaw but uncomfortable.One of the teeth it replaced was at the front and rest at sides. After a few accidents it broke (easily cos of the 1 tooth at front problem). I only have 8 teeth left (upper) which includes 2 wisdom. These teeth need work on ie; small fillings. I’m contemplating having them all removed for a full top set denture mainly cos i’m 57 and would be better off doing so. Do you think I should do so?? If I decide to go ahead I would like the new teeth to be whiter shade but would then need the bottom teeth to be whitened to match or at least nearly, would this be possible as I want brighter whiter teeth. Thanx
If all the top teeth need treatment you might be best to consider a full top set, however this isn’t always the cure for all the problems, it might be harder to keep the new denture in place without any teeth to hold
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