Can I ve veneer bonded to the tooth rather than a crown?

Q. Hi, I am getting a root canal on one of my front teeth (upper right incisor). I had some work done on this same tooth last yr by a different dentist, it was already slightly discoloured so he did something to it and made it nice and healthy looking again (I think it may have been a composite filling or something?) I have been advised by the dentist I am having the root canal from that this tooth will discolour after the root canal. Will this still be the case despite the composite filling? If so, would it be possible to have a veneer bonded to the tooth rather than a crown? If I did have a crown would it be more noticeable than a veneer? Thank you

A. Hi many thanks for your email, once a tooth has been root canal treated one main risk is that the tooth can discolour, a veneer can help to improve the colour it just depends on how dark the tooth ends up. also with a veneer in the future if the tooth discolours more this can lead to the veneer looking darker!. A crown will help to block more of the discolured tooth and if done using a skilled dentist and technician the crown can look just as natural as a veneer.

hope this is helpful.

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