Can I Still Have Bone Grafting If Im 73?

For many years I have had false teeth, which from time to time have become cumbersome. Four years ago my dentist recommended that I have implants put in on my lower jaw in the front due the lack of bone at the back. Now I am finding the pins do not work for long and would love to have something more stable and permanent. I am 73 of age can you help. Is it possible to have bone grafting on the bottom jaw at my age. Although I have false teeth on upper jaw which do not give me trouble, but would very much like to have something more permanent and stable. I am terrified of dentists due to childhood experience which nearly cost me my life. Your advice and help will be much appreciated. Thank you
If you have had implants placed already in the lower jaw , there should be no reason why you cannot get a good retentive denture made to go on top of these , seek a second opinion from another dentist who can examine you.
If you have not had implants placed there are 2 and 4 implant options available.
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