Can i replace my veneers for one that is in a correct shape and alignment

Q. Hi Dr, I hope u might be able to advise me. I have recently had my porcelain veneers repalced for new ones as I wanted to upgrade them for whiter ones for my wedding. I asked the dentist to copy the shape and size exactly of my previous ones as it is only the colour I wanted to improve. I am now very disappointed and upset as, although the new veneers are a lovely colour, one of the central incisors is shorter and a different shape to the one beside it. They just dont match and it looks odd. It is also more protruding than the one next to it, whereas previously the veneers (and temps) were perfectly straight. Can this one veneer be replaced for one that is a correct shape and alignment, so that it matches the others? Or will it look odd just changing one? I am a very nervous dental patient and dont know if I could cope with having them all prepared again. Please help. Thank you

A. If that one veneer is not correct it can be replaced i am sure if you speak to your dentist he / she will do that for you.

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