Can I receive braces for free?

Hello Doctor, I am currently a 23 year old full time worker. I work for the nhs and i have always had very crooked teeth. This really gets me down and i feel very self-conscious. I had 12 teeth removed when i was younger due to overcrowding and i have now been left with a very unattractive smile. I would love to have braces fitted but cannot afford them privately, i know a few people who have had braces fitted for free and i would like to know if I’m in any way eligible for this work to be done because i work for the nhs? and how do i go about receiving the treatment? if not, do you know how i could spread the costs of the treatment? Thank you for your time.
Thank you for your question. I would imagine the best option is to ask for a referral to your nearest hospital orthodontic department. Although due to funding issues and referral criteria this may not be possible, take care.
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