Can I make my teeth better without harming the tooth surface?

Hello! I’m 17 and I have bad teeth. I had my root canal done on the front tooth (it hurt sometimes, not sure if It’s normal). I’m emarrassed to go to the dentist because I’m too young to have such bad teeth..I really like the shape of my teeth, but they’re not white…actually, I’m kind of obsessed with my teeth and I don’t feel comfortable. Also they are demineralized so my dentist told me that I’ll never be able to do the teeth whitening. Hope you can help me! Is there any chance that MY teeth can be beautiful without any veneer or drilling the surface (enamel). Please help me!
Please come and see me for a consultation so I can advise you properly on all the cosmetic dentistry options open to you. There could be a few solutions that may not involve needing to remove much, or any tooth structure. All your questions can be answered after a careful examination and consultation.



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