Can I hv invisible braces or metal braces free frm NHS?

Q. Hi i am 27 years old and am currently fulltime student. i have an improper bite and my teeth arent straight on the top. this causes me notting but only bit self concsious when i smile. can i have an invisible brace or metal brace free from the nhs? please help thanks

A. You cannot have invisible braces on the nhs you would have to pay for them, you could see an nhs orthodontist to have a consultation but you may not be eligible for treatment.

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July 14th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Kim Says :

Im 27 years old and will be on maternity leave, I have been advised by my friend who is a dental nurse that I can request that my dentist refere me to an NHS hospital to have braces fitted for 3 months for free due to my excemption from dental costs for one year after my child is born.

Please can you confirm if this is indeed true and if so how do I go about having it done.

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