Can I hv denture fitted by having most of the teeth pulled?

Q. Hi Dr Caplan, My front left tooth has gone very crooked and exposed a large part of the root and is extremely loose, the 3 teeth to the left of that are missing and i wear a bridge which has contributed to the twisting, the next 3 teeth are not in good condition and the gum has receeded. on the right side my front tooth is chipped, the next 2 teeth are slightly longer and the gum is receeding, the molars on the right are not bad but there are just gaps and 1 is missing. would it be better to have most of the teeth pulled and a denture fitted as there are only about 8 teeth on my upper jaw and most are not up to the job. could you give me advice and a rough estimate of cost. I live in North London, not too far from St Albans. Many Thanks

A. Thank you for your questions.  Apologise for not getting back sooner but I have been away lecturing.  In your situation I have often used a precision retained denture.  In America they are called removable bridges because of the accuracy of their fit.  There may be other solutions but ti sounds like this may be a likely treatment for your problem. Treatmetn costs vary depending on the type of treatment you desire. Please contact my receptionist to make an appointment for me to assess your specific problems Kind regards Dr Julian Caplan

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