Can I Have My Teeth Trimmed Down And Would This Cause Any Sensitivity Or Pain?

Hi Marcus, I am 34 year old, male. My two front teeth are too big for the others. Can the teeth be trimmed without having to wear braces, veneers, a cap and/or crowns? The second thing I would like to know is whether this would cause me any sensitivity problems? I don’t want any sensitivity or pain as I currently don’t have any tooth problems. I don’t want to use braces and would only trim 2 of my front teeth without the use of veneers. Is this possible? Thanks. 
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I would need to see you face to face to determine whether this treatment would be correct for you or not. It is possible to reshape and trim the teeth, however. Please visit a highly experienced cosmetic dentist for this treatment. You should also ask for previous cases and examples of this type of treatment to look at. If you would like further information on the various cosmetic dental treatments available, you can find this through this helpful website. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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October 6th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
pawan Says :

Thanks for reply DR. Marcus. One more thing, i have spaces between 4 front teeth and in which 2 big size front teeth. because of space and big size, these 2 front teeth looks odd. So i was thinking composite bonding to remove space and trimming the teeth by contouring. So please suggest, if this is really good alternative? if not then what is other? Thanks so much!!

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