Can I have free treatment for my broken, damaged teeth?

Hi i am 26 yrs old and have rotten, loose,cracked and completely missing teeth. i try to brush them (wots left of them) but cannot because of the massive amount of pain it causes. its destroying my confidence and makes me feel incredibly aware of the state of everybody of meet teeth good or bad. i try so hard to get to a dentist but cannot afford the dental fees and have no way of raising the kind of money it would cost. Is it possible to get my teeth repaired on the nhs and what would the possible treatment be
Teaching hospitals offer free treatment in some cases if you can prove over time that you will maintain the level of homecare needed, If you find this difficult it may be better to remove the worst teeth , salvage teeth simple treatments and if you have a lot of spaces consider a denture. A treatment like this in a normal NHS practice in England / wales / NI ( Scotland has different rules ) will cost £204 but you may be exempt from charges on grounds of low income.

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