Can I have dental implants to solve bone loss due to missing teeth?

I have a crown on top upper left jaw which is going rotten. I have no other teeth either side and I am told I have hardly any bone surrounding the missing teeth area. Can I still have implants even though there is hardly any bone in that area because my dentist told me that he could take that crown out but surely I would be left with sagging cheeks. I cannot have a bridge because I do not like the impressions as they make me gag and to fill a missing tooth on the other side of my mouth he said would be an option but would an implant be better depending on the cost of course. Thanks
Hi and thanks for your questions. Without being able to see you in person these questions are almost impossible to answer correctly. It’s theoretically possible that you could have an implant retained solution but we’d have to assess you properly first. We use the i-Tero scanning system now and this is great for patients who cannot have impressions taken as it replaces the need for impressions with a laser scan. Maybe come and visit us for a consultation with one of our implant experts?

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