Can I have cosmetic bonding to cover a darkened tooth?

Can I do cosmetic bonding over a tooth that is “dead”? My daughter hit me in the mouth accidentally about 10 years ago and broke my front tooth up in the root. It has since darkened and chipped. I am lookiing for an affordable way to get a nice smile that will last me a few years. I have sufered with bad teeth my whole adult life and it has effected my self-esteem. I am raising 2 teenagers now so the monwy is an issue. I have dental insurance but they do not cover cosmetic procedures. Any advice yo can give me would be helpful. Thank you.
If the reason for the treatment is functional such as repairing a fractured tooth, the treatment should be covered. Any cosmetic benefit is secondary to the fact that the fracture needed repairing. The dentist would need to justify a veneer vs a filling, but in essence it is about being clear about the functional not aesthetic needs.
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March 16th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
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My one tooth is broken, can you able to replace it. And on my teeth there is stain inside. Can it sine again.

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