Can I have braces fitted if I have a severe case of periodontitis?

Q. I am 26 now. I had braces when I was 20 until 23. But I got periodontitis and now my teeth are croocked again and getting bigger and longer. 80% of my bones got melted, now I have splint so that my teeth will not move. Is there any hope that my teeth can still be corrected even if I have less bones now? what is the right way?,
A. Dear Enquirer, If you have 80% bone loss on your teeth and they are splinted together to prevent movement, then there is no scope to have braces fitted as this will only make the situation more acute. It seems like a very severe condition considering your age. Please do book an appointment with a periodontist, who specialises in gum disease and they will be able to assess the correct treatment rationale for you. I hope this helps and all the best. Regards, Sunita
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