Can I get teeth removed and replaced with bridge due to gum disease?

Q. i have a large over bite and my upper teeth are very lose. I tried to have my dentist put braces on them but was informed that due gum diseas it would not be a good idea to have braces because i would lose them anyway. Could I have those teeth removed a get a bridge instead,
A. For you to get a bridge in the first place you require surrounding teeth to replace the gap, which the bridge holds on to. I suggest you get on top of your periodontal condition (gum disease) by regularily seeing a hygienist or periodontist and then I would put braces on after your gums are stable. Justin Glaister 
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April 29th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
jeff Says :

How much would it cost to remove my two front teeth and have a dental bridge fixed in position? can i get this done on the NHS?

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