Can I get out of low self confidence due to goofy teeth?

Q. Hi i am 21 and suffer from a very low self confidence due to my teeth i got bullied all through school by gettin called goofy i hate talking about teeth and very embarressed about it. i would really like to know if i can have a smile and be confident, and the price of it. many thanks

A. Please come and have a free cosmetic consultation for me to see if I can help you

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January 21st, 2010 at 08:47 PM
kelly Says :

i also have the same thing i hate talkin about my teeth my t2 front top stick out as i did have another tooth grow behing my left top tooth which was removed when i was about 6 i stil have the tooth lol, but i had a bad experience with 1 of the dentists when i went for the tooth out i paniked so he held me down and from then on after the tooth was pulled i never went again its been 20 yrs at least im so sacred of them sounds funny, i wished i could have something about them it has knock my confidence and do not have my picture taken as i hate smiling & im very very conscious about my teeth i dont want a brace like train tracks cos it would be so embarressing but it would cost so much to i wouldnt be able to afford it all at once so id have to save, would there be any other dentists aprt from hertfordshire that would do this sort of thing as i dont drive, i live in near sheffield

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