Can I Get Dentures on the NHS?

Hi. I have a full set of dentures top and bottom. As a result I do not leave my house, I have tried lots of false teeth but I have a cross bite and I have always had trouble keeping them in as they are so painful. Can I have them done on the NHS? I lost some of my teeth 20 years ago or more so I know that I would need a bone implant but I am disabled so I have not got any money to pay for them. I have only had my bottom teeth out for a few years. That is when I stopped going out as they are so painful.   Many thanks.
Hi, thanks for your question.

Dentures are available on the NHS, however only in very rare circumstances will implants be covered by the health service.
After teeth are extracted, the bone starts to resorb away with time, and unfortunately this makes dentures very difficult to wear in a lot of cases.
The main problem with bone resorption is difficulty keeping your dentures in your mouth.
Pain shouldn’t be associated with wearing dentures and if you are having a lot of pain, it may be time to consider having them re-made.
It may be worth asking your NHS dentist to refer you for specialist treatment in a dental hospital where a more comfortable set could be made for you by a dentist specialised in making dentures.

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