Can I Get Dental Implants on the NHS?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have recently been in a car accident, and have lost two and a half teeth and chipped a fourth tooth, all at the front of my mouth. My teeth are usually in good condition but I don’t currently have a dentist. I am looking for an NHS dentist in Manchester to give me dental implants. Is this something you could help me with? If you could get back to me with some information this would great, thank you. 
Hello, thank you for getting in touch with your question. I am not familiar with NHS dentistry, but I am pretty certain dental implants are not available on the NHS. Try to find a cosmetic dentist in your area who can provide dental implants. You may be able to work out an affordable payment plan with them. Regards, Mark. 
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April 6th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
christine Says :

hi, i have what i think is a screw in tooth that has come loose, is this classed as an implant, can this tooth be cemented in.

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Can I get Dental Implants on the NHS?

Hi Andrew, I unfortunately had to have my second to front tooth removed in June last year as it had fractured and was not considered suitable to save. I wanted to have an implant immediately, but after xrays ti was found that I did not to have sufficient bone in the upper part of my gum to do this. I was advised to wait at least 6 – 12 months before proceeding. During this time I have been wearing a plate with a false tooth. This is very uncomfortable and despite using a fixitive it moves and irritates my palette, causing discomfort. I have had enough and really want an implant to give me back some confidence. I have no idea how i fractured my tooth in the first place, but it was covered with a veneeer, and i wondereed if this could have caused the fracture by weakening the tooth? I want the implant desperately but the cost is a huge factor, having already spent £2’500 on 4 veneers in the last few years I cannot afford to spend more! Could I get it done on the NHS as it is a visable tooth and is negatively affecting my self esteem?
I’m afraid you won’t get implants on the NHS despite your concerns. Sorry, Andrew
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