Can I Get All My Teeth Replaced?

I want all my teeth replaced. I have shrinkage of the gums and feel the teeth I have will only get worse if they stay in. I have not been out the house in 2 years because of my teeth but I can’t afford the prices, any advice please? I don’t want to be house bound and would love to enjoy time with my grandkids. I’m only just 40 and sometimes I feel suicidal because of my teeth or feel like taking them out myself. I have a couple snapped off, some have big holes and some are split from top to bottom. I’m now starting to get pains in my bottom gum more than my top. My dentist is an NHS one and they don’t seem to care unless you are paying for treatment.
Hi, thank you for your question. You may need to consider a full set of dentures if they are as bad as you describe, ask your dentist about the possible options and go from there. Please do not pull your own teeth out as this can be very harmful and will lead to more dental work in the future! Many practices provide payment plans for dental treatment, perhaps your dentist could refer you? Kind regards, Andrew. 
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