Can I Get a Refund on a Crown That Looks Wrong?

Good morning. I recently had a crown done on my front tooth as it was becoming grey in colour due to a root canal. I had the root canal over a year ago and it hasn’t given me any trouble since then but the aesthetic look of it was declining. The crown is horrible – the colour is wrong and the tooth was filed down too much on the end so it is shorter than my other front tooth – I also have a minor lisp now. It doesn’t look like my tooth. I also don’t know if I am within my rights to get a refund as the tooth is so wrong. I’m terrified I am now stuck with a horrible looking tooth, what can i do?
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. If you had requested and paid for a highly aesthetic result and this was not achieved then please speak to the dentist first and they should be able to help you. If, however, the crown was not made with superb aesthetics in mind or indeed if you did not request this then it would stand to reason that the crown was done purely for function and not the ultimate in aesthetics. By the way, even the very best cosmetic dentists and dental ceramists (the lab technicians who make the crowns) struggle to get perfect/excellent results on a front top tooth which has had a root canal and turned grey/dark. it is very challenging to fix well.

Either way go and speak to your dentist and discuss your options. He/she may refer you to a cosmetic dental expert if it is too challenging. Kind regards,  Mark.

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