Can I Get a Get a Gap Between Two Teeth Filled with Gold?

Hi, I’ve got a ceramic crown fitted on the tooth next to my 2 front teeth. My gums have started to recede so it’s black above it, also there’s a gap between my second and third teeth, would I be able to have a gold frame and gold to fill the gap between the two teeth? It’s starting to give me a complex about smiling! Also my dentist doesn’t seem to be interested when I mention it to him so I hope you can help please.
Hi there, many thanks for your question, I think what your asking is not impossible but I would need to see the situation to assess and advise appropriately. Kind regards, Dr Kailesh Solanki. 
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June 16th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
Matt Jenkins Says :

in other words you don’t know!

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