Can I Get a Broken Bridge Fixed?

Hi Andrew, I wanted to ask you if I am able to fix an upper bridge that is broken. The dentist that made it for me 10 years ago has closed now and he has gone back to Africa where he was from. My bridge is 6 teeth in total and I have had screws on both sides. Now the bridge is broken in the middle on upper two front teeth (the one that was missing) and I have been using it with Fixodent now for the past two months. I still have the roots of 4 teeth, two in both sides where my previous dentist took the nerves out and screwed through to put the new bridge in. Words can not explain it how difficult is to live day to day. I do not have much money to fix it and the dentist that I am registered with at the moment is useless and he does not want to fix it. Can you please help? Looking forward to hearing from you. 
It’s very hard for me to tell you what the best treatment would be without seeing you, but it sounds like another bridge won’t work for you. You may need to consider a removable denture as this is the lowest cost option. The alternative would be to use dental implants, although this would be very expensive as there are quite a few teeth missing. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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