Can gum recession like mine lead to tooth loss?

Hello Doctor Bohara, i am extremely worried about my front tooth and wondered if you could help me? There is gum recession due hard brushing I believe. I was also told that my perio marking was 0-1 was a 2, and the dentist is pleased. However, i am scared that i will lose my central tooth due to the recession. If this happens how much will it cost to have a dental implant and can I have it done straight away? And do people generally loose teeth with gum recession like mine? Hope you can put my mind at rest. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Hi, thank you for your question and the information. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say if you will loose your tooth without examining your mouth in detail. The cost of a good quality implant and crown can range from £1800 to £2500 depending on the quality. I hope this helps. Regards. 
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January 4th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
sajida habib Says :

Due to gum recession, I am in danger of losing my top front two teeth. Some of my other teeth have also shifted because of this problem. This position is exacerbated by diabetes and Metformin. It appears I can’t get treatment for this on NHS!? Is this right and is the treatment for this classified as orthodontics? Can I get my GP to pay for this due to my medical condition?

Can you recommend any medical cover that might help me subsidise the cost of this treatment.
Many thanks

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