Can braces close a 1cm gap?

Respected Sir,
Due to an injury in my early age,my right lateral incisor overlapped my right central incisor.The overlapped right central incisor did not have a root and so my dentist removed both the teeth. Now there is approx. 1 cm gap there and the dentist has put braces to bring the left central incisor to the right and cover the space.He will bring the left lateral incisor in place of the left c and putting a cap on that tooth so that it looks like a central incisor.And because my left canine is very high, it will come down.
Is this treatment right? By doing so the dentist wants to cover the space along with bringing the canine down! Can braces have the capability to cover 1cm gap?
Please answer and explain.
Its very difficult to comment on individual situations like this but it sounds like he’s doing the right thing. Perhaps you should raise your concerns with him next time you meet up?
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September 3rd, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Ankit Says :

Thank You Sir,but what is your opinion and what would you do if you were in place of my dentist ?

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