Can Anything Be Done About the Plaque at the Bottom of My Teeth?


I have TMJ and the last time it flared up badly my jaw locked near shut for over 6 months (probably closer to a year). During these months I very much struggled to brush my teeth and they have been damaged. When my jaw finally unlocked, I went to get the issues fixed, but some remain and I keep having problems.

My big concern at the moment is white plaque staining along the bottoms of some of my teeth that can’t be removed. Concerning one tooth in particular (which I know had staining on it), I looked at it and it seems as though the plaque has finally eaten into that tooth as the part it was on is gone. I’m not sure if it’s the enamel or the plating has come away. I’ve booked an appointment with my dentist, but can anything be done for the bottom of the tooth? I’m worried that nothing is going to be able to be done for it (and ultimately that I’ll end up losing it).


Hi, thank you for getting in touch. It may be possible to use an Icon infiltration technique. Look up ICON white spot removal on You Tube by Dr Richard Field. He is one of my team of cosmetic dentists.

Best to have it examined and assessed by a cosmetic dental expert. Regards, Mark. 

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