Can an Overbite be Corrected?

Hi. I am a 45 year old woman who has had braces for the last two years due to close excessive spacing in my teeth (gaps between the two front teeth and the the incisors on either side). There has been an improvement however, it has been a struggle to get the gaps completely closed and eventually my orthodontist suggested I go to a dentist who will use CEREC or veneers to fill in the gaps. The dentist I was referred to has put in temporary fillings, and will insert the permanent ones in the near future. The temporary fillings seem to have made my two front teeth too wide and a bit longer. An additional unfortunate part of the whole treatment (braces) is that I now have an overbite. I have internal lingual braces at the top and external ones at the bottom. As a result of the overbite, my bottom teeth rest on the internal braces and the top teeth on the external braces at the bottom. I pointed this out to my orthodontist and we’ve began a process to rectify this. I think the braces has completely altered my face structure thus the overbite. I do not like the way I now look and wonder if the overbite can be corrected? The temporary fillings have to come out and be replaced with permanent ones, if I decide not to proceed with the treatment of filling the gaps and get the fillings taken out (I was informed that not much “chipping” of my natural teeth was done when the fillings were made)? I am desperate – it has been a very long two years and I am not sure I can mange to undertake this process for any longer, and want to know what to do. I hope you can help me. Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you for your questions. It’s very difficult to give you accurate answers without seeing you in person. I would first of all go and speak to the dentist and orthodontist who are treating you and discuss your concerns with both of them, ideally at the same time. If they can reassure you then that’s a result. If you still have concerns I would advise a second opinion.

Good luck with it all. Best wishes, Mark.

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