Can A Crown be Placed on a Loose Tooth?

Good afternoon. I cracked my tooth and the dentist pulled out the loose piece. The remaining tooth is somewhat loose. I have been trying to get him to put on a crown, since it has been exposed for two weeks and is hurting. He is telling me that you can’t put a crown on a loose tooth. However, my research indicates this is not true. Also, when is a root canal done? I have been to see him 3-4 times and he keeps changing his mind. One time I need a root canal the next time I don’t. Please advise.
Hi, thanks for your question. My advice is to seek a second opinion and try to find out why the tooth is loose? Do you have gum disease (periodontits)? If so, this needs to be treated. A root canal is done usually if the nerve of the tooth becomes infected. If you are in pain and nothing is being resolved, then seek a second opinion from a very respected dentist – it is a worthwhile investment to have this examination, your diagnosis and consultation done thoroughly.  Kind regards, Mark.
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