As An NHS Patient I Had Two Dental Crowns And One Was Badly Matched. Is It Possible To Change This Crown?

Hi. I am a NHS patient, recently I had two crowns replaced within a year, the first was a great colour match, the second which is next to the first is awful, yellow and darker. They were both done by the same dentist. I said when having the second crown I would like to have the same colour, then the dentist and nurse started looking at different colours and decided to make the change of colour assuring me I would hardly notice the difference, I just agreed, as I was happy with the first crown.When I went for the fitting it was put in, very rushed, I just put it down to being a busy morning, I had to ask for a mirror, which was a waste of time without my glasses. When I got home I was so disappointed that it’s not matching, it’s yellow. It looks so false next to the first crown. I have my 6 month appointment soon. Is it possible to change the crown, as it was free on the NHS?
Hello. Please speak to your dentist. The NHS usually does not provide highly aesthetic work and so perfect crown matches may not be possible within the limited scope of what it they offer but it’s best to check with your dentist first to see if they can do anything. Regards, Mark.
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