As An Actor I Need A Complete Smile Makeover To Give Me Confidence. I Need To Know Which Fast Dental Treatment Options Work Best?

Hello Dr Hughes. I really need a complete mouth makeover. I have a big overbite and gaps etc. I need an expert job as fast as possible with as little noticeable as possible. I need all options, even pulling them all out and having permanent fakes.
I am an actor and model and this is holding my work back as well as making me extremely self conscious with this problem. I need this done fast and price is a factor so I need all options.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. My suggestion would be for you to come for a comprehensive examination and consultation right away. I offer a discount to Equity members by the way if you live in London or the South East? You can send photo’s of your dental condition to [email protected] . This allows me to make a better judgement on which treatments could help you. I hope this helps you. Kind regards, Mark.
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