Are Veneers a Good Option for My Front Teeth?

Hello Dr Hughes. My front teeth are awful!
A few years ago I had a dental abscess, and I had to have a hole drilled into the front of my front tooth to allow the infection to drain out, and this was then filled in by my dentist. Since then, the tooth has now gone black. My dentist has bleached the inside, but I am still very self conscious about it. Would veneers work for me? I would probably need the 4 front teeth doing.  Do you have any other suggestions? By the way, I am a very nervous patient. I also live in North Wales, with Wrexham or Chester being the nearest town. Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for your question. Yes veneers could be a great option for you – for best results look for a BACD ‘Accredited’ cosmetic dentist in your area. Most cosmetic dentistry practices do cater for phobic patients, so ask if they offer any specific treatments such as sedation to help you through the treatment process. Good luck, Mark. 
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