Are There Any Gum Reconstruction Options to Restore Smile Aesthetics?

Hello. I have advanced periodontitis with some bone loss and gum recession. I’ve been reading a lot about LANAP. I’m petrified of scaling and planing and of losing more gum line. My first question is how do I find a certified dentist who performs LANAP? I live in Oxfordshire but can travel, I cannot risk being “ripped off” in any way and want to do my research well. Secondly are there options for bone / gum reconstruction to restore the aesthetics of my smile that I now hide away? Thank you for any advice. Kindest regards.
Hi  thanks for getting in touch. There is currently no good evidence to suggest that LANAP is any superior to traditional periodontal therapy. For that reason those that do use it often also use traditional hand scalers for debridement as part of their protocol. In the absence of scientific proof then treatment results are purely anecdotal and can be unpredictable.

Recession is likely even with LANAP as it’s a consequence of periodontal healing.

Recession can be treated with grafting in some cases. If it is generalised and affecting the whole dentition and the patient does not want surgery, then a well made gingival veneer is a viable option. Hope that helps for now?

Best wishes, Mark.

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