Are There Any Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?

Hi Dr Gambroudes, I’m hoping you can help me with my problem.  I have a deep filling in my second top molar which has a very big cavity. As I’ve mentioned,  is currently patched up with a deep filling, but I have been advised by my dentist that root canal treatment will be required if it gets much worse. I do not want root canal treatment at all, but I also don’t want my tooth to die and lose colour.

Instead of root canal surgery, what can be offered to keep the appearance of a good tooth?

I understand that surgery will probably be required, but don’t know the options or the costs.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks for your question. The only thing that might help the further deterioration of the nerve of the tooth is some kind of sedative filling. although there is no guarantee this will prevent any nerve devitalisation. Sometimes only time will tell. It may get better or it may be inevitable that the nerve eventually dies. If it does and root canal treatment is rejected or not possible at that later stage then you may require the tooth to be removed as an alternative. You could always seek a second opinion from a root canal expert or another dentist if you wish to?

Regards, Marcus. 

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