Are there any alternatives to false teeth for someone with progressively receding gums?

Hello, I wonder if you could advise how do you deal with a person who has progressively receding gums and does not want to have dentures? I am 56 and one of my teeth at the front is already quite loose where my gum has receded so badly, I also have crowns at the top. All I can remember of my mums teeth from being a young girl is that she used to take them out every night and they looked false, just like the name. Help, I don’t want the same. Thanks
Hi. If it looks like your teeth might fail in the next few years, then seeking out advice from an implant dentist might be the way forward, it will be better to treat with either extensive gum treatment or implants before they all start to go.
If you would like me to take a look please call my clinic on 08443 87 87 88 to arrange a full consultation (cost £90) I have extensive experience in converting patients from failing teeth to fixed implant teeth in a day. Regards, Andrew
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