Are There Any Alternatives to Dentures?

Hello. I currently have three missing top right teeth and have a denture, but it’s making me gag and I’m finding it very hard to eat and drink. It is also rubbing on my supporting teeth and making holes. I brush twice daily and have a healthy diet. My teeth are making me very depressed and my dentist isn’t very supportive. I have always had a fear of the dentist and when I lost my first adult tooth I was brave and went to a dentist. At first he was friendly but now I feel that he just does what he likes with my teeth and he doesn’t listen to me and about how I feel and what I want my teeth to look like. I am currently out of work so I understand some things are not available on the NHS but it is causing me serious depression and my children keep asking me why I have funny teeth. I never smile in pictures or want to talk to people, this has caused me to be come very un-sociable.
Hi, thank you for your question. It sounds like implants are your solution, however they aren’t available on the NHS. Maybe a smaller denture might work better, perhaps a metal based denture that could be more delicate? Kind regards, Andrew. 
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