Are My Fillings Causing the Metallic Taste in My Mouth?

I have had many amalgam fillings fitted over many years and some are above twenty years old. Over the last year I have developed a constant metallic taste in my mouth and both my teeth and tongue feel on edge, sometimes even giving a ‘buzz’ like I’ve been chewing aluminium foil. Is this because my fillings need replacing? If so, am I able to instruct my NHS dentist to do this or do I have to rely on his judgement before I can get this work done? Also, am I allowed any say in what they actually use as filling material because after 44 years of swallowing mercury amalgam I fear I am at risk of mercury poisoning. Do I have a choice of any alternative filling material offered on the NHS or am I forced to go private? If the metallic taste is not because of the fillings do you have any idea what could be causing it?
There is no evidence of patients getting mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings so I think you’ll have to pay for them to be replaced. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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