Are clear braces definitely unnoticeable?

Hi there, i am getting braces very shortly. According to my mum she said that he said they will not be noticeable? is this clear braces i only have 3-4 teeth max to correct.

I am a bit confused as you may be aware i am 17 and quite scared to be honest i must admit i just need some clear basic advice from a professional 🙂

Many thanks for your answers i appreciate everyones contribution!

I have heard they at at least £3000 clear ones but why so much money… My dentist said i will have a 6 month treatment to 8 month treatment which is good i guess a good sign indeed… but i have also heard if you have a fixed brace you get clear ones free or something? ( i may be wrong there i dont know for 100% sure!

Hello, thank you for your question. It is very difficult to answer without seeing you for a consultation. However, you will have to consult your dentist/orthodontist regarding the type of brace you will be having, it could be many types that are possible to correct this type of problem. This also applies for the length of time for the brace.
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