Are Bridges a Suitable Alternative to Dental Implants?

Good afternoon. I would like to improve the appearance of my teeth. I have a missing tooth at the back of my mouth on the right hand side and a crown next to it. The crown broke a year ago but the dentist was able to mend it back together.

I would like to replace the crown and replace the missing tooth with two bridges.

I’m not able to afford implants so wondered if bridges were a suitable alternative to implants?

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your questions. It’s impossible to answer accurately without knowing the situation and your bite and dental health in more detail but in theory, bridges could be used. I am unsure why you say 2 bridges as one might suffice. You should start by having a very thorough examination and consultation with a dentist whose skills and experience match your expectations of quality and longevity.

Kind regards, Mark.

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