Are braces a better option to veneers for straightening my crooked teeth?

Hi Rob,

I’m a 29 year old male from the East Midlands. I have what i would call severely crooked top teeth. This has had a major impact on my life, from relationships and interviews, to learning to even speak and laugh differently to hide my teeth. My top teeth are crowded and one of the top two front teeth angles back into the mouth and the other protrudes.

I have never been able to afford treatment but have just been made redundant and will be getting a reasonable pay-out, i have decided i want to look into getting my teeth sorted as they make me very unhappy.
Going to the dentist makes me very anxious as i am ashamed of my teeth, i did ask about correcting them a few years ago and was quoted £7500.00 for veneers. Even with my pay-out, this is still a little to much than i can afford.

I was just after advice really, i would rather avoid metal ‘train-tracks’ if possible, but have heard about others such as Clearstep and Inman aligners. From the very basic summary of what i’ve said, and the hindrance of not being able to see my teeth, would you think i can get anything done for say £5000.00? Are braces the best option for me, and will Clearstep or Inman be suitable for my degree of crookedness?
Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards

It is a reasonable budget to discuss options. The details are too subtle to give a recommendation based on what you describe. However veneers , orthodontic brackets on the less visible inside surfaces of the teeth or in some cases veneers / crowns are worth discussing.
While you may not decide to travel to birmigham for treatment I would be happy to provide a 15 minute free consultation to suggest best options to investigate in your case,
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