An X-ray Showed My Wisdom Tooth Inclining. It’s Starting To Hurt. Is There Anything That Can Be Other Than Extracting It?

Hi Andrew. I’ve got wisdom tooth in below right jaw
and it is hurting a lot. On X-ray it showed it is becoming inclined and it is touching the teeth either side. My dentist says I should go for surgery and remove the wisdom tooth since it is inclined and can cause harm to next teeth. Should I go for surgery and remove it or should I wait for some time for pain to go?  I am scared of surgery so I’m wondering if there is any possibility of avoiding it? Also, I’d like to know if the wisdom tooth will keep pushing and hurting in future?

Thank you.

Hello thank you for getting in touch. It’s best to get the wisdom tooth out before it does more damage, as this is the likely scenario in most cases. Try to find an experienced dentist in your area who offers sedation and that you feel completely comfortable with. The wisdom tooth could cause an abscess if it isn’t extracted. I hope this helps you. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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