Am I Suffering From Bruxism? Or Gum Disease?

Hi Dr Hughes. Unfortunately my gums are pretty sensitive and bleed pretty easy just by pushing on my teeth with my tounge, could that be from bruxism or is there some kind of gum disease? I suffer from panic disorder could that be an issue also? Iv never had gum problems before. Brush everyday so I know they should be pretty close to healthy. Just wanna make your its nothing to serious would flossing help? My teeth are not sensitive to hot or cold. I have no decaying teeth and they’re pretty healthy. I’m desperately looking for some help! Thank you so much.
Hi there, thank you for your question. If you have bleeding gums then that is a sign of problems and it could well be gum disease. Have you been visiting a dentist and their dental hygienist regularly for professional cleaning in addition to what you do at home?? Quite often just brushing is not enough to maintain health under the gum line

Please visit a dentist for a thorough examination as soon as possible. I hope this helps. Regards


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