After Suffering A Traumatic Attack I Want Dental Implants, How Many Do I Need?

I had a consultation today I was told I would need to have a bone augmentation procedure as I lost my front tooth through trauma when I was only sixteen years old. I was attacked and beaten really badly, the subsequent injuries I sustained were a hairline fracture of my tooth above the gum line, a broken nose, head trauma, bruising and also anxiety nightmares. I am very nervous and afraid to leave
the house. My parents wanted me to go to the hospital, but that made me feel very frightened. Please can you give me an insight as to what the procedure would entail and how long it would take, roughly. Many thanks. I look forward to receiving your professional opinion. It still effects me to this very day and as you can imagine a denture plate was what my dentist said was my only option at that time, the fracture happened in my top front right
tooth. I want to have dental implants, I had to have my three front teeth removed, my two front teeth and the
tooth to the right also, as my
bridge was damaged. How many
implants to you think I will need?
I’m sorry to hear about this attack, it has obviously caused you much stress and pain. I would suggest you come in for a thorough consultation to assess the extent of the damage, If you need grafting I guess you’ll need one implant per missing tooth at an approximate cost of £2500 per tooth.
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