After A Tooth Abscess, I Need Bridge Work. Have I Been Quoted A Reasonable Price?

In December, I had a massive tooth abscess resulting in the loss of one tooth next to my top front tooth. On the X-ray taken the dentist also discovered what was a large (16 mm) hole above it and some loss of bone around abscess area. This hole has now shrunk and I’ve been told I need a top front bridge to fill the gap (porcelain). Also my dentist has suggested I need three veneers on the other side as one tooth is set back out of alignment with the others costing a total of £4200. I’m uncertain about this, does it sound about right or should is it sensible to get more quotes!
Hi, hello, It’s good to hear from you. Many patients are sometimes unaware of the price structure for dental treatment, so it is always wise to shop around and get a number of quotes for the work needed, and to make sure your receiving the highest quality of expert treatment. I would say this price seems very reasonable on the information you have presented and if the work is of the best quality. 
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