10 Years Ago I Had A Full Brace When I Was Younger But As Soon As I Had Them Removed They Started Moving. What Are My Options?

Hi Mark,

I am looking to get my teeth fixed, I had a full brace when I was younger but as soon as I had them removed they started moving, my dentist said they would move back. Now it’s 10 years later and I still have one front tooth that sticks out and it makes me really unhappy.

My problem has always been that I haven’t had enough space for my teeth, which is what has happened.

What are my options? I would like to have straight teeth again and hopefully avoiding a full metal brace. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. There are many options that could be possible – look at Invisalign, Incogntio, CFast and 6 month Smiles. It all depends on the severity of your current orthodontic condition. This is ideally assessed through a consultant with an orthodontist. Did you wear the retainer after your braces treatment? If you’d like further information on these brace systems you can find it through this handy website. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.
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