Dr Richard J. DePaul, Jr.

Dr Richard J. DePaul

Dr Richard J. DePaul, Jr.

(440) 646-1000

1232 SOM Center Road, Mayfield Hts., OH 44124, USA

Dr DePaul's Profile

Richard J. DePaul, Jr., DDS has been providing orthodontics to his patients since graduation from CWRU School of Dentistry (USA) in 1994. His passion for orthodontics began early in his dental career. While still in school he started studying orthodontics, taking orthodontic continuing education courses and performing orthodontic research. He is the developer of Powerprox Six Month Braces® and has treated thousands of patients with the technique. He is a world know authority and pioneer in the field of cosmetic orthodontics as well as the worlds most experienced educator and treatment provider of these services. He is well known for his ability to de-mystify orthodontic treatment making it easy to learn and implement. He has authored several seminars, books, and DVD’s on the subject. He has taught countless doctors through his books, articles and seminars. His passion for this technique and his generous nature means he is constantly consulting with dentists and orthodontists to provide the highest quality treatment for patients all over the world. His goal is to spread life-changing orthodontic techniques throughout the dental community.

Editors note:

Dr Richard J. DePaul, Jr., DDS originally pioneered the 6 month braces concept into cosmetic dentistry and this has was later adapted and developed by Dr Ryan Swain (one of Dr De Paul's former students) into the 6 month smiles Brand name.