Waterlase C100

The Waterlase C100 is a dental device capable of working wonders on both soft and hard tissue in the mouth. It is an instrument ideal for general dentists, able to perform healing procedures, and is also perfect for dental practitioners working in orthodontics and paediatrics. The device continues the improvement of dental procedures, making treatment easier for the dental practitioner and taking the pain and discomfort out of dental visits. The Waterlase C100 takes the need out of dentistry to use needles and drills for a variety of procedures, and requires less invasive techniques than previous methods, making the Waterlase C100 an efficient device.

How does the Waterlase C100 work?

The Waterlase C100 is a dental device able to perform various procedures, including extraction, restorative practices and a level of periodontal work. Whether it is the removal of decay and bacteria from the teeth or the need to deal with a fearful child, the Waterlase C100 is ideal for any dental practice. The device is comprised of a laser and gentle water spray, taking away the need to make direct contact with the teeth and providing the patient with a manageable experience.

The device provides clinical results, utmost efficiency and is capable of smooth cutting motions. It is simple to use and works wonders to put the patient at ease. On a patient’s next visit to the dentist, after one in which the Waterlase C100 was used, they will definitely not be quite so fearful.

What are the benefits of using the Waterlase C100?

The Waterlase C100 continues the advancement in technology that is taking dental work to the next level. It is a device able to take away what fear a patient may have, by removing the need to use any drills or injections on various procedures. It requires minimal invasiveness and is just as quick in nature as several long standing dental treatments. If dental hygiene is to improve then it will only be because of technological advancements like the Waterlase C100.

What does this mean for the dentist?

The Waterlase C100 allows the dental practitioner to customize a range of settings, including variable water spray and power settings. The interface is also simple to use for any general practitioner. It can be used for various dental treatments, including the removal of tooth decay, extraction and a range of restorative procedures. This is affordable technology and the kind of advancement that is taking dental treatment into a new age. One other benefit of the Waterlase C100 is that it limits the need to refer patients to other specialists, as you will be able to perform more of a range of dental treatments.

What does this mean for the patient?

Such new technology in the field of dentistry is advantageous for all parties involved. One important advantage for patients is that it takes the fear out of their regular check up. This is due to the fact that the Waterlase C100 is less invasive than other dental techniques performed through the use of drills and injections, and works to take the pain out of dental treatment. The device lessens the need to make direct contact with the teeth, which may be sensitive otherwise to any touch. The Waterlase C100 is one device that discards the notion that fear and anxiety should go hand in hand with dental treatment.