Sinusitis, sinus infections and your oral health

How can sinusitis and sinus infections affect your oral health?

Sinus infections can cause pain in your upper teeth and you may conclude that you have a dental problem. Those with sinusitis may experience pain in more than one tooth on the same side of the mouth. Drugs that are used to treat sinusitis may cause xerostomia or dry mouth. If your mouth is always dry, your chances of getting tooth decay increases. Your chances of getting yeast infections will increase as well. If you breathe through your mouth then your dry mouth could get even worse.

There are no special considerations given for people who have sinusitis. You should tell your dentist about the medications you take. People with chronic sinusitis may have taken antibiotics for a long time already. If you have been taking antibiotics for your sinusitis for a long time then you should let your dentist know about it. Bacteria may have become resistant to some of the antibiotics already. If you need antibiotics then your dentist may prescribe something else or increase the dosage.