Simpli5 – clear aligners system

What is Simpli5 ?

Simpli5  is a system of clear aligners similar to invisalign or invisalign express which is used to treat mild orthodontic problems. Simpli5 derived its name since it is a five-aligner orthodontic system (ie only requires 5 aligners in total). If both the upper and lower teeth need correcting then technically 10 aligner will be required or (5 sets of 2 aligners!).

What can the Simpli5 system be used for?

Minor malocclusions – cases where only small rotations are required or minor tooth gaps need to be closed.

Post orthodontic refinement – the Simpli5 system is ideal for those people who require minor refinements following more extensive braces treatment.

Correction of orthodontic relapse – following orthodontic treatment many people forget to wear their retainers and teeth begin to move back towards their original position. The simpli5 system is ideal for those who want to correct the small movements that have occurred in such cases.

Pre veneer alignments – the simpli5 system can be used to correct minor alignments problems before veneers are placed and this reduced the amount of tooth reduction that is required for veneers.

How long does treatment with the Simpli5 system take?

The treatment time depends on the amount of tooth movement required but typically treatment times are between 10 – 20 weeks.

What is the procedure of Simpli5

1. Following an initial consultation with your dentist to assess your suitability for the system, he/shewill take impressions / moulds of your teeth and send them to the Simpli5 laboratory.

2. Your teeth moulds will be used as a template to fabricate your simpli5 clear aligners.

3. You will wear each set of aligners for 3-4 weeks for about 20 hours a day removing them to eat and clean your teeth. You will know when it is time to change to your next set of aligners when your aligners begin to feel loose.

4. Once your final set of aligners have been worn for 3 -4 weeks you have completed treatment and you should have straight teeth.

Can simpli5 be used if I have severely crooked teeth ?

No. Simpli5 has been designed for mild cases and more extensive tooth movement would require alternative methods such as invisalign, 6 month braces or the Inman Aligner.

Does the Simpli5 system hurt ?

Some patients feel a little tightness and slight discomfort when they first try the aligners on but it shouldn’t be painful.

How much does simpli5 cost?

The treatment is cheaper than most comprehensive orthodontic systems such as Invisalign but the cost of treatment will vary from clinic to clinic and it is best to ask your dentist to give you a full estimate during the consultation.